The Standard

CertiSource offers a new approach to timber certification. Timber must be traceable through supply chains where every entity (forests, sawmills and even traders) adheres to strict legal, social and environmental criteria. The CertiSource Standard goes beyond basic legal requirements and puts forest concessions and sawmills on the road to sustainable forest management.

Version 4.04 was published 1 June 2017 (effective 1 August 2017), along with an annex containing supporting and guidance information. Both documents are available for download below. The Indonesian authorised translation of version 4.04 (not including the annex) is also available below.

Older versions of CertiSource Standards along with available change histories are available upon request. 

Substantial reviews to the Standard and associated Policies are conducted regularly, often through wide-ranging stakeholder consultation.  If you'd like to be involved in future consultations, click here

To find out more about the CertiSource approach to certification, browse through our Policies in the dropdown lists below (English only).

CertiSource has recently completed a biannual policy review. Until 1 October 2017, both the newest policy versions and the previous policy versions will be available. Please note in order to ensure a smooth transition period for our partners, some of the most recently revised versions have an effective date of 1 October. In such cases the previous policy is applicable until this transition date.