Comments Welcome

To ensure accountability and transparency, we welcome comments and suggestions on the CertiSource standard at any time. Your feedback will help CertiSource remain at the forefront of timber legality certification.


You can do this via:

Announced consultations

The CertiSource Scheme (our Standard and Policies) are formally reviewed regularly.

In the event of a public consultation, an announcement will be placed on this website which publishes all planned procedures, follow-up and reporting.  You may view our policy on Stakeholder Engagement here.


General feedback

You may send in your comments and suggestions about any aspect of the CertiSource system at any time:

  • By email via
  • By post

Attn to: Paul Wilson
CertiSource Organisation Ltd UK
15 All Saints Mews
Uxbridge Road, Harrow Weald
London HA3 6DY, United Kingdom


CertiSource also has published steps and a policy on how to make a complaint: Policy 10: Certification Complaints, Appeals and Dispute Resolution.